So it’s been a few weeks since my last post.  Well, that’s because not all that much has changed.  I have been doing quite a bit of developing over the past month, both at work and at home, and have a few things to show:

  • The redesigned, reimplemented, FGA tour golf score tracker.  Admittedly, the content is much the same, I just added a few more statistics.  The presentation, however, is a drastic improvement on the old version.  It follows the logical layout of a ruby on rails application, with the addition of a few nifty AJAX/CSS tricks.
  • has been born.  I dropped some cash for hosting at Dreamhost, and will be placing all my upcoming applications/sites in subdomains.

And a few things still in the pipeline:

  • The migration of this site to  I mentioned a few months ago how I wanted more control over the presentation and content of this weblog, and will soon be doing something about it.  I have been checking out a few weblog publishing engines, and am leaning towards using Typo.  It’s a rails-based engine, so configuration should be familiar.  Migration of all the existing content might prove difficult, especially how I’m going to deal with all those photos.
  • A hiking site.  This will probably end up being more like a subset of my main blog, but it seems like since I have so many postings devoted to hiking anyway, it should make sense.  There I will post all my hiking photos as well as planned trips, checklists, trip reports, etc.

Clearly, I’ve taken an interest in web development.  With all the new, standards-based web technologies, we are going to see the line between desktop applications and web applications blurred.  Just take a look at Meebo, Google Maps, GMail, Sudoku Combat, and so on…

So keep one eye on this site and the other at  When everything has been sufficiently migrated, I’ll be sure to let you know.  The Peephole 2.0 awaits.