First I want to apologize for any access problems this past weekend…Typepad was having some issues which involved them relying on a 2-day old backup that was older than my Amsterdam post.  It took them quite a while to get my Amsterdam pics back on track, too, but all is well now.

I’m currently at a transition point.  Classes ended for the year last week and I don’t fly to England to see my wonderful Aunt and Uncle until Wednesday.  Most of my friends have embarked on their holiday vacation adventures so it’s been fairly quiet the last couple days here in Osnabrück.  Mine will start oh-so-soon, and I’m very excited.  The last week of break will find me in the heart of the Austrian Alps, enjoying some of the finest skiing in the world!

With all this free time I’ve been trying to stay moderately productive, which means revisiting past projects and studying some German.  This, of course, means revisiting HarmoGen, my AI class-turned-personal AI project which I have been working on sporadically throughout the year.  HarmoGen was recently published as part of RIT’s First Annual Conference on Computing and Information Sciences so I put together a web site hosting it, which can be found here.  There I detail some of the updates I’m working on, notably converting the input/output to handle ABC musical notation.  Well this hasn’t been as easy as I had imagined, and involves writing a lot of not-so-fun conversion functions, so it has been on the back burner since Fall.

Anyway, over the next month I’ll be posting plenty of pictures capturing my holiday vacation travels.  For now, a very Merry Christmas to all!