Blog.  I’m quickly growing tired of the term.  It’s kind of like "hot" in pop culture ("omg that’s soooooo hot") or "stress" of the 90s ("dude, stop stressin’ it").  In reality it’s just a "hip" way of saying web-log, or web-journal, or the space you can rant about whatever you want to the entire world. 

Over the past few days I’ve learned quite a few things about blogs in general (through a former RIT student’s new company that I just happened to stumble upon via Google), as well as my own audience for this blog.  I’m proud to say that I didn’t learn a thing from the aformentioned site’s "writing for the web" article (guess I’m just a natural), but his views on human interfaces and the world of blogging were quite interesting.  Also, I had thought that my audience was almost entirely family, but in reality it’s only a part.  This was due to the large proportion of comments coming from family rather than friends.  After all, comments are my only form of direct feedback relating to the blog, so through them I perceive my audience.  Tell me what you think!

I should mention that TypePad keeps fairly detailed statistics on the traffic coming to the site (including referrers), so I have a fairly good idea of the volume of visitors I get to the blog and related photo albums.  However, it’s impossible to tell exactly who has been frequenting this site, so all you freaky voyeurs out there are safe (well for now, until I install an automated IP-address identification tool…hahaha, kidding…I’m not that vain).

All in all, though, I am pleased with the traffic and positive feedback, and am very glad I started this site in the first place.  But we all know communication is a two-sided activity, and each party motivates the other…so don’t be afraid to drop a line.

Blog bliggity blog blog bloggity bliggity blogg!